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Grading process

At Bucha Distribution SRL, we take pride in delivering quality devices that meet and exceed expectations. Behind the scenes, our commitment to excellence is underpinned by a rigorous grading process that ensures every device on our platform is of the highest standard. Let’s delve into the intricacies of how we grade our devices to provide you with the assurance of quality and reliability.

How We Grade

Our grading process is a testament to our dedication to delivering top-notch devices to our customers. Each device undergoes a comprehensive quality control inspection, where all functions are meticulously tested to ascertain the correct grading. At Bucha Distribution SRL, we believe in going above and beyond, which is why we restore each device twice, double-check cosmetics, and conduct multiple IMEI checks to maintain consistent quality across our inventory.

Grading Criteria

To maintain transparency and uphold quality, we follow a strict set of grading criteria for each device. Here’s an overview of the key aspects of our grading process:

  1. Fully Tested: Every device is subjected to a battery of tests, ensuring that all key functional aspects are thoroughly examined.
  2. Data-Wiped and Sanitized: We prioritize your privacy. Each device undergoes a complete data wipe and sanitization process.
  3. Individual Bubble Bagging with IMEI/Serial Number: To maintain traceability and authenticity, each device is individually bubble-bagged with a unique IMEI/serial number.

Functionality Testing: The Benchmark for Quality Assurance

Our devices undergo a series of functionality tests, and we maintain a stringent set of criteria to ensure the highest standards are met. The Functionality Testing table below outlines the key tests performed on our devices:

Touchscreen TestTest the sensitivity of the screenAll areas used during testing register touch
Screen Dimming TestTests that the screen brightness adjustsScreen brightness changes with change in setting
Screen Pixel TestTests for dead pixels100% of pixels light up and are functional
Screen Discoloration TestTests the screen for discoloration or burned imagesScreen is free of pink, yellow, and blue marks from burning
White Spot TestTests the screen for white spots against white backgroundScreen is free of any significant white spots
Proximity Sensor TestTests if buttons deactivate when phone is close to users faceScreen goes dark when phone is covered
Rotation TestTests if display rotates when device is rotatedDisplay rotates with device
Front Camera TestTests if front camera takes a good picture (color & blurriness)Picture taken is of good quality
Back Camera TestTests if back camera takes a good picture (color & blurriness)Picture taken is of good quality
Additional Camera TestTests if any additional camera(s) takes a good picture (color & blurriness)Picture taken is of good quality
Camera Flash TestTests if camera flash workFlash seen when flash engaged
Back Camera Flash TestTest if camera(s) flash workScreen flashes white when photo taken
Camera Video TestTests if front camera takes a good video (color, sound, & blurriness)Picture and audio of video taken is of good quality
WIFITests if the phone connects to WIFIDevice detects and connects to WiFi network
Bluetooth TestTests if the signal comes on and device can connect to bluetoothDetects nearby Bluetooth devices
SIM Card TestTests that SIM is recognizedSIM is recognized
Service TestTests that device can make a callCall to 611 completed
SD Slot TestTests that SD slot (if any) recognizes cardSD symbol displays or SD data can be read
Earpiece TestTests that a user can hear sound through the earpieceSound heard when device placed at operator’s ear
Headset TestTests the headset jacks workSound heard through headset
Loudspeaker TestTest quality of speakerSound heard through speaker
Microphone 1 TestTests microphone quality of top microphoneRecorded message is clear and strong, with no crackling
Microphone 2 TestTests microphone quality of bottom microphoneRecorded message is clear and strong, with no crackling
Vibration TestTests if the device vibratesVibration felt when vibration turned on
Battery Charging TestValidates that battery will chargeBattery charges
Physical Buttons TestTests that all buttons work (volume/ home/ power button/ back/ multi-screen)Buttons function are consistently easy to use
Fingerprint/Touch ID testTests that fingerprint can be readFingerprint can be read
Face ID testTest facial recognition feature worksFacial recognition feature works

This comprehensive testing ensures that every device meets the specified criteria, providing you with a device that not only looks good but performs impeccably.

Your Assurance of Quality at Bucha Distribution SRL

Choosing Bucha Distribution SRL means choosing a partner that values quality, transparency, and reliability. Our grading process, backed by over 20 years of industry expertise, ensures that every device leaving our platform meets the highest standards. Experience excellence with Bucha Distribution SRL – where every device is a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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